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Explosion proof grounding clamps suitable for hazardous area Zone 1 & Zone 21

Ex db / tb – IP66/67

The grounding clamps PTA10 are indispensable whenever it is required the temporary grounding of tank trucks or tankers during transfer either of liquids or hazardous substances.

The fastening is secured by two brass springs of great strength.


  • Type of protection: Ex db / tb

  • Degree of protection: IP66/67

  • Certified for:

    • Gas group IIC
    • Dust group IIIC
  • Max range ambient temperature: -50°C ÷ +80°C

  • Materials used:

    • Stainless Steel (anchor hook)
    • Brass (contact spring)
    • Polyamide (sleeve)
  • Insulation voltage: 3000 Vac /dc

  • Max rated current: 10 A

  • Weight: 1000 g

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