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Stainless Steel enclosures suitable for hazardous area Zone 1 & Zone 21

Ex eb / Ex tb – IP65/66

These Stainless Steel enclosures are used inside any industrial plant where an explosive atmosphere can be generated mainly for:

  • Junction and/or cables pulling.
  • Sorting of barrier signals and/or transposition signals on field to control rooms like Field-Bus, Mod-Bus and Profi-Bus for
    analogical, digital and/or measurement signals such as thermocouples, 4 ÷ 20 mA signals, etc.

They are available also complete of a wide range of control and signalling units in order to make a local control station in hazardous area. They can also contain intrinsecaly safe circuits.

When the cable glands is not equipped with an anti breakage system, the user shall complete the box with an alternative system to avoid the transmission of mechanical stresses to the terminals and cable glands.


  • Type of protection: Ex eb / Ex tb

  • Degree of protection: IP65/66

  • Certified for:

    • Gas group IIC
    • Dust group IIIC
  • Max range ambient temperature: -60°C ÷ +65°C

  • Material used: Stainless Steel AISI 316L

  • Entries Threading: Through or threaded holes

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