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Lighting fixtures suitable for hazardous area Zone 1 & Zone 21

Ex d e / tb – IP66

Lighting fixtures series AVF are increased safety lighting fixtures completed with fluorescent T8 tubes with G13 bipin plugs. They are characterized by electronic ballast (230 V AC – 50 Hz – cosφ>0.9) suitable for ignition at low temperatures.

Body is made of GRP (glass-reinforced polyester),transparent part is made of polycarbonate and internal reflector is made of white anodized aluminum. They are supplied with cable gland (13÷18 mm) and plugs.

A battery charger/inverter, 4 Ah Ni-Cd batteries with switch, is installed inside external enclosure. The electrical apparatuses (safety switch, terminal strip and power supply), mounted on the chassis, ensure ease access and maintenance.

External fittings are made of Stainless Steel.


  • Type of protection: Ex d e / Ex tb

  • Degree of protection: IP66

  • Certified for:

    • Gas group IIC
    • Dust group IIIC
  • Max range ambient temperature: -20°C ÷ +50°C

  • Material: GRP

  • Entries Threading: M25x1,5 ISO 262

  • Backup time: 18 W=120’ / 36 W=90’.

  • Recharging time: 24 h.

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