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Enclosure with motor protection circuit breaker suitable for hazardous area Zone 1 & Zone 21

Ex db / Ex tb – IP66

Ex db [ia Ga] / Ex tb [ia Da] – IP66

Enclosure construction is based on a MPCB max 32A (3 poles) from series GV2-ME…(Schneider Electric). For different models/brands please contact our sales office. More information on main CCF dimensions table. The degree of protection IP66 is ensured by restoring the grease layer on the flat joint and by the presence and integrity of its specific gasket.

External screws are made of  Stainless Steel and fixing brackets are made of  galvanized steel or stainless steel. The enclosures are painted internally with anti-condensate paint RAL 2004.

Standard drilling arrangment: 2 cable entries ø 3/4’’ NPT (top/bottom).


  • Type of protection: Ex db / Ex tb

  • Degree of protection: IP66

  • Certified for:

    • Gas group IIB+H2
    • Dust group IIIC
  • Max range ambient temperature: -50°C ÷ +60°C

  • Material used: Aluminum light alloy

  • Max current ratings: 0.1 A up to 32 A

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